Community Advisory & Welfare Services

Aim / Objective

To Promote community participation and develop strong coalitions within communities towards its own development and to develop it into a community of individuals who demonstrate good character, strength and a belief in themselves regardless of external circumstances.

To Ensure that basic service delivery is efficiently carried out by the government and that sustainable civil society development programs that are planned by local governments are fully supported by individual communities and Civil Society itself.

To Work with Communities / Union councils, Town and City Administrations in order to bring to fruition programs and projects that improve the conditions and social structure of the community.

To Assist the Community in lessening its dependency on government programs and in turn to help the government in reducing its ever increasing financial burden.

To Act as an intermediary in bringing together all stakeholders such as the Provincial and Local Government, Donor Agencies, International Financial Institutions, Organizations and Individual Sponsors in Public Private Partnership Programs.

To Seek the support of the Private Sector Organizations through Corporate Social Responsibility Programs and the cooperation of Civil Society for Community Development in Public - Private Partnership Programs.

To Support the Millennium Development Goals with regards Education, Health and Empowerment.